* Schedule of Standing Karaoke Shows *
Karaoke with Cheryl Z!
Tuesdays....Patios 4-8, Little River, SC (by
Sun Cruise Casino Ship)

Wednesdays...Sand Trap 6-10 Calabash, NC

Fridays......Derbsters 8-12 Calabash, NC

Saturday...7/9 VFW Post 10804,Hwy 57, Little
River, SC
KARAOKE! Sing along
with Coastal
Entertainers at your
next get together.  
With over 50,000
songs to choose from,
you're sure to find the
one that's right for
you.  Just pick your
songs from our list  
Our state-of-the-art
sound system will
provide your music,
and professional
grade microphones
ensures your voice
comes through loud
and clear.
Welcome to the Beach!

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