It has been a "zoo" since we got back--just now unpacking some wedding stuff.  Can I tell you
how much we enjoyed the reception?  You were great, no, more than great.  Thanks so much for
everything.  Some of the group, who have been to quite a few weddings since they are in their
late 20's, said that you were the best by far (we knew that).

My best friend lives in Murrell''s Inlet and she said she's seen your name up on marquees. I told
her that I felt very lucky to get you!  God bless you!

You have anyone call us or e-mail us for a reference, we will sell the job because you're the best!!
     You made the reception

                       Thanks again,

July 17,08
Hi Cheryl!!  
Thanks again for everything you did for us.  We had a great time because of you!!  Talk to you
soon.  Thanks Cheryl!!  You're the best!!

                                             All the best,

Thanks ever so much for the music for our anniversary party on Monday evening.  It was most
appropriate for the occasion and everyone's comments were very positive.  A great job!
                                                                   Bill & Helen Marsh

Thank you for making our day so special.  I enjoyed working with you and your talent on such
short notice.  May God Bless You!
                                                                           Aaron & Emily
                                                                            (Gayle Roberston)

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you so much for being a part of our big day!  We really enjoyed planning the music with
you and you made it very easy for us.   Thank you again for your help!  
                                                                   Angie Cross & Brian Greer

Thank you so much for providing such personalized and professional DJ/MC services at our
wedding reception.  We were thoroughly pleased with your music selections and encouragement
of group participation!  You helped make our day exactly what we both dreamed of!
                                                                   Stephanie & Justin Fincher

Adam and I can not thank you enough!  You were a big part of making our Wedding special and
you did a great job!  And we are sharing your name with many of our guests that have parties
and weddings upcoming!!

And also, thank you for the CD!  That was a nice keepsake to add to our scrapbook!  We hope
you had as much fun as we did!!  I heard you liked our koozies!  And if you didn't get one, we
have plenty left over if you would like one!

                                   Thanks again Cheryl for everything,

Thanks so very much for a great evening!!!  Our Independence Day Party was the
                                                   Karen Wood

Dear Cheryl,
I want to thank both you and hubby for a fabulous two evenings worth of music.  I
know when we spoke you said you were already booked for next year but we do have
the date confirmed with SeaWatch and I wanted you to have first crack at booking
the event if you have a cancellation.  Believe it or not, we already have 20 people
who have registered for next year and we are hoping to double our attendees.  Let
me know!
                                              Thanks. Mandy

Last night....
Thank you sooo much for working with us over the last  few months. Last night was
GREAT!!!! We both loved the dances and the "open call" moments on the floor.
Thank you for working with us!!!

                                             Meghan and Steve Dupree

Hi Cheryl!!
I hope 2008 is turning into a great year for you. We are still getting compliments
on a our reception at the Sandpiper and how much fun everyone had dancing. It was
an absolutely wonderful evening!!! I'm writing to see what is on your calendar for
Memorial Day weekend. Steve and I have been to Oak Island and Myrtle Beach a
few times since September and we've seen your name advertised on  sign outside one
particular restaurant alot. We were wondering if you were going to be playing in
public - a restaurant or something during that weekend. We would love to catch up
with you sometime when we're down that way, and it looks like that will be the next
time we'll be there. If that weekends privately booked that's great. We'll just try for
some other time!!Please let me know!!Have a wonderful afternoon!!~
                                             Meghan Dupree
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